Accepted Papers

SL.noPaper IDAuthor NamePaper Title      
19Asna Akhtar, Ankit Kumar Sharma and Abhishek Kumar GuptaApplication of Supervised learning for Voltage Stability Assessment
210Tapas Si and Amit MukhopadhyayBreast DCE-MRI Segmentation for Lesion Detection using Clustering with Fireworks Algorithm
311Tapas SiSwarm Programming Using Moth-Flame Optimization and Whale Optimization Algorithms
413Jayri Bagchi and Tapas SiNonlinear Regression Analysis Using Multi-Verse Optimizer
514Vishal Raj and Mahendra Kumar MurmuAn Extended ACO-Based Routing Algorithm For Cognitive Radio Network
618Aditi and Aman DurejaA review on image classification and object detection using deep learning.
726Tapas SiKidney Lesion Segmentation in MRI Using Clustering with SSA
831Dr. Bhargav Goradiya, Yagnik Mehta, Nisarg Patel, Neel Macwan and Vatsal ShahSmart Approach to Optical Character Recognition and Ubiquitous Speech Synthesis using Real-Time Deep Learning Algorithms
939Tapas Si and Debolina BhattacharyaSine Cosine Algorithm with Centroid Opposition-based Computation
1044Greeshma Kurup, Krishna Kushal and Siddhaling UrolaginData Mining Techniques for Fraud Detection – Credit Card Frauds
1147Akash Saxena, Shalini Shekhawat, Ajay Sharma, Harish Sharma and Rajesh KumarPerformance Evaluation of β Chaotic Map Enabled Grey Wolf Optimizer on Protein Structure Prediction
1250Jitesh jangid,Aishwariya Mehta,Akash Saxena,Dr. Shalini Shekhawat, Rajesh Kumar and Ajay SharmaTransmission Expansion Planning using Teaching and Learning Based Optimization Approach
1351Aishwarya Mehta, Jitesh Jangid, Akash Saxena, Dr. Shalini Shekhawat and Rajesh KumarHarmonic Estimator Design using Teaching Learning Based Optimization
1452Madhura Shankarpure and Deepa AbinReal Time Frame to Frame Jitter Removing Video Stabilization Technique
1554Amrita Yadav and Seema VermaA Review on Nature Inspired Algorithms for Routing in Flying Ad- hoc Networks
1657Akalpita Das, Himanish Shekhar Das, Anupal Neog, B. Bharat Reddy and Mrinay SwargiaryPerformance analysis of different machine learning classifiers in detection of Parkinson’s disease from hand-drawn images using Histogram of Oriented Gradients
1765Udeshna Das and Nipan Kumar DasCoal mine monitoring Smart Rover using LabVIEW and Wireless Sensor Network
1867Sharmiladevi S, Siva Sathya S and Nangi RameshA survey on Spatiotemporal Co-occurrence pattern mining techniques
1968Jayna Donga,Dr.M.S.Holia,Dr.N.M.PatelThe Classification and Comparative study of Real-Time Task Scheduling Algorithms based on various parameters
2069Lavina Kunder and Siddhaling UrolaginBehavioral Analysis Using Gamification and Data Visualization
2174Shahnaz Akhtar Hussain,Papu moni saikiaSmart Agricultural Monitoring And Decision Support System
2275Sudarshan ChawatheCharacterizing Shoulder Implants in X-Ray Images
2376Sudarshan ChawatheHuman-Understandable Classifiers for COPD From Biosensor Data
2477Korrapati Sindhu and Karthick SeshadriDimensionality Prediction for Word Embeddings
2578Asma Parveen, Dr. Vani R. M., Dr. P.V. Hunagund and Maisoun Ali SoharwardyClassification of ECG Arrhythmia using Different Machine learning Approach
2679Anjum Zameer Bhat, Baldev Singh and Teba FadhilRole of Cloud Computing to Support Big Data and BigData Analytics for Education par excellence
2780Loveleen Kaur and Dr. Rajbir KaurComprehensive survey for energy efficient routing protocols on WSNs based IoT applications enhancing Fog computing paradigm
2881Aikendrajit Ningthoujam and Dr R K SharmaA Review on Applications of Machine Learning in Health Care
2983Narmadha V and Bharath Raam RFace Mask Detection Using VGG-16 Net for Low Computation Power Devices
3084Kavitha Karimbi Mahesh, Vaishnavi Naik, Sahana Angadi, Sandra Satish, Suman Nayak and Evita CoelhoMining Morphological Similarities for Translation Lexicon Augmentation
3189Mahendra Swain and Dr. Rajesh SinghSpade to Spoon: An IoT Based End To End Solution For Farmer Using Machine Learning in Precision Agriculture
3295Shreyas J, Chethana Reddy, Dharamendra Chouhan, Udayaprasad P K, Srinidhi N N and Dilip Kumar S MBacteria Foraging Optimization Based Geographical Routing Scheme for IoT
3397Naveen Vakada, Anvitha Nekkalapu, Prudhvi Sri Harsha Gopisetti and Sailaja KarriFACE EXPRESSION BASED RESULT PREDICTION IN TALENT SHOWS USING DEEP LEARNING
34100Naveen Vakada, Yaswanth Mareedu, Neeharika Sai Mandava, Sravya Kaveti and Krishna Kishore GPERFORMANCE BASED ADAPTIVE LEARNING RATE SCHEDULER ALGORITHM
35103Mohammad Khalid Pandit and Azra Nazir MirUrdu QA: Question Answering system for Urdu Language
36105Gangadevi Ganesan and Dr.Jayakumar CStudy on Plant Disease Detection using Different Classifiers in Image Processing Technique
37107Sridevi Gm and Kamala Suganthi SArtificial Intelligence based Job Applicant Profile Quality Assessment and Relevance Ranking using Clusters in Talent Acquisition Process.
38111Malvika Gupta and Shweta SinghA Survey on the ZigBee Protocol, It’s Security in Internet Of Things(IoT) and Comparison of ZigBee with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
39112Prerona Saha, Soham Guhathakurata, Sayak Saha, Arpita Chakraborty and Jyoti Sekhar BanerjeeApplication of Machine Learning in App-Based Cab Booking System: A Survey on Indian Scenario
40115Anjana K V and Siddhaling UrolaginChurn prediction in Telecom Industry using Machine Learning Algorithms with K-Best and Principal Component Analysis
41116Shalini Shekhawat, Akash Saxena, Arvind Dwivedi and Rajesh KumarA Hybrid Forecasting Model Based on Equilibrium Optimizer and Artificial Neural Network for Assessment of PM10 Concentration
42117Rupam Bhattacharya, Abhijit Sarkar and Pranab RoyAn Intelligent Path Estimation Technique for Transportation of Heterogeneous Droplets in Digital Micro Fluidic Biochips (DMFB)
43119Syed Sumera AliMLP-WOA Neural Network Based Automated Grading of Fruits & Vegetable Quality Detection for Food Industry using Artificial Intelligence Techniques (Computer Vision - Image Recognition)
44120Brenden Carvalho and Siddhaling UrolaginA Comparison of Sentiment Analysis techniques on Movie Reviews
45121Subhojit Paul, Nirmalya Maity, Samhita Sinha, Shounak Basu, Supriya Mondal and Rohan PorelA comprehensive review of the available micro grid protection schemes and their challenges
46124Poonam Tijare, Athreya Uppili, Ajay M, Anisha Rao and Chaithra KushalPersonalized Recommender Systems: An Empirical Analysis
47126Tanjina Das, Srikanta Paitnaik and Smita Prava MishraFeature Selection on Linked Data: A Review
48127Shreya Chakraborty, Debabrata Singh and Anil Kumar BiswalNAARI: An Intelligent Android App for Women Safety
49129Vijeta Sharma, Gaurav Kumar Gupta, Manjari Gupta Performance Benchmarking of GPU and TPU on Google Colaboratory for Convolutional Neural Network
51143Bryan Abreo, Adline D'Souza, Akarsha Kondana, Asha Shetty and Kavitha Karimbi MaheshVideo Description based YouTube Comment Classification
52146Dipankar Debnath and Sarat Kumar ChettriInternet of Things: Current Research, Challenges, Trends and Applications
53147Sunil Sharma and Yashwant Singh RawalThe Possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in the Hotel Industry
54148Sutirtha Kumar Guha, Anonyo Sanyal, Pijush Das and Pratik GonAutomated Vehicle Emergency Support using Edge Computing Concept
55149Priyanka Patil, Mahadev Patil, Sunil Tamhankar, Sangram Patil and Faruk KaziMajority Voting Machine Learning approach for Fault Diagnosis of Mechanical Components
56150Abuzar Shaikh and Mahadev PatilSimulation of Colour Image Processing Techniques on Verilog
57151Pallavi Dhade and Sonali PatilIntegrated Multi-biometric Template Security based On Hybridization of Feature Transformation and Image Transformation
58155Mona Al-Kharraz, Lamiaa Elrefaei and Mai FadelClassifying Chromosome Images Using Ensemble Convolutional Neural Networks
59159Kingshuk Roy, Laxmi Srivastava and Shishir DixitPower Loss Sensitivity and GWO Based Approach for Optimal Capacitor and DG Allocation in Distribution System
60162Dhwani Trivedi, Meha Dave, Rutvik Patel, Vatsa Dave and Ghansyam RathodReal-time Covid-19 Detection & Prediction using Chest X-rays and CT Scan: A Comparative Study Using AI
61163Monalisa Dey, Anupam Mondal and Darothi SarkarHeart Disease Prediction – An Online Consultation Software
62164Anas Al Suwailem, Mousa Al-Akhras and Kareem A.GhanyEvaluating Snort Alerts as a Classification Features Set
63167Shrinivas Shirkande and Madhukar LengareA System Design for combined approach of WCID and Wavelet Transformation to optimize the Underwater Image Enhancement
64168Mr.Raju M.Sairise and Dr.Atul S.JoshiUpgrade in the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks.
65170Krishna Kumar, Ravindra Pratap Singh, Prashant Ranjan and Narendra KumarDaily plant load analysis of a Hydropower Plant using Machine learning
66171Naveeth Babu and PrakashEnhanced Medical monitoring Wireless Sensors Networks using proposed Greedy Multipoint Relays Protocol Algorithm
67173Shwetha J and Aswatha A RStreet light management and control system using IoT
68174Kirti Bala BahekarComprehensive Analysis of Classification Techniques based on Artificial immune system and Artificial Neural Network algorithms
70176Mohassin Ahmad and Farida KhursheedDigital Image Forgery Detection Approaches: A Review
71177Shital Gondaliya and Kiran AminA Framework based on Latent Neighbourhood and Tensor based method for Recommender System
72178Ankit Kumar Sharma, Akash Saxena, Dheeraj Kumar Palwalia and Bhanu Pratap SoniAn Optimal Demand Response Strategy Using Grey Wolf Optimization
73179Nirban Chakraborty, Rehan Aziz and Raubins KumarElectricity bill saving using solar rooftop PV cell for a residential complex- A case study
75183Krishna Kumar, Rachna Shah, Narendra Kumar and Ravindra Pratap SinghApplication of Robotic Process Automation
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