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Full Paper Submission- 15th May, 2020
Acceptance Notification- 3rd July, 2020
Final Paper Submission- 18th August, 2020
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GCAIA 2020 is a premier forum on Intelligent systems and Artificial Intelligence. The significant characteristics of GCAIA is the promotion of inevitable dialogue between scientists, researchers, engineers, corporate’s and scholar’s students to mitigate the gap between academia, industry and governmental ethics. This motivation is fostered through keynote speeches, tutorials, workshops, exhibitions and oral presentations by eminent researchers in relevant field. In this platform, the academic researchers would expose results and findings of laboratory based experiments. The industry personnel’s depicts cutting edge researches in Computer intelligence to convey academia regarding real-time scenario and practical findings. The platform of GCAIA will also bring regional and international concerns for the discussions of recent advances in modern computation intelligence.

  •  Talks by industry experts on the state-of-the-art in computer science
  •  Lectures by eminent scientists designed to inspire and inform
  •  Presentations by innovative researchers coming from 20+ countries
  •  Discussion-oriented sessions and networking breaks to enable collaborations

With more research seeking innovation in modern science and technology should be the main focus of all which will finally lead to solve the current societal problems. The job of computation is earning so much significance in the field of computational intelligence, where the information is huge and time is less. The data obtained in such large volumes are to be processed in a very less amount of time for which various computational techniques are committed to be used. The structured data’s are used for further modelling and simulated for getting the desired output. The physical work ability of such model is then examined before being implemented. The era of modern science and technologies are playing a major role to make more efficient and good optimization techniques which provides extra ordinary results in their respective field of application. For example Data Mining is a prominent techniques which enables to analyse large volume of data by removing the redundancy for machine learning application. This tools are very powerful which trained the system to process the data and compute the result which might be quite impossible for human mind to achieve.

The 1st Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Applications (GCAIA 2020) will be held in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India on September 8-10, 2020.

This conference is organized by University of Engineering & Management, Jaipur, India. The conference is offering a huge number of invited researchers from renowned speakers all over the world. The best paper awards will be given for the papers judged to make the most significant contribution to the conference.

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